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Extended Petri net models for fault diagnosis for substation automation.

Lo, K.I.; Ng, H.S.; Grant, D.M.

In: IEE Proceedings Gener. Transm. Distrib., Vol. 146, No. 3, pages 229-234. 1999.

Abstract: In previous work, Petri net models were developed for detecting fault locations in general. In this paper, the previous models have been modified to include backup protection as well as primary protection. The modification overcomes many limitations of the original models. Hence, the modified models are more capable of analyzing faults in a highly meshed network or network with more than one layer of protective devices, such as those in substations. The developed methodology is tested using an actual substation network. Fast and accurate results are obtained and the proposed method has great potential for online applications.

Keywords: extended Petri nets, fault diagnosis, substation automation.

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