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Resource sharing estimation by Petri nets in PISH codesign system.

Maciel, P.; Barros, E.; Lima, M.; Silva, D.

In: Proc. High Performance Computing (HPC'2000); Advanced Simulation Technologies Conference, 16-20 April 2000, Washington, DC, pages 371-376. 2000.

Abstract: This paper presents two approachs to computing the number of functional units in hardware/software codesign context. The proposed hardware/software codesign framework uses Petri nets as common formalism for performing qualitative and quantitative analysis. Petri nets permit to use a specification non-dependent partitioning method. In particular, Petri nets as an intermediate format allows us to analyze the properties of the specification and formally compute performance indices which are used in the partitioning process. This paper is devoted to describe these approaches, but an overview of the general hardware/software codesign method is also presented.

Keywords: Petri nets, functional units, hardware/software codesign, partitioning methods.

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