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Metric completion versus ideal completion.

Majster-Cederbaum, Mila E.; Baier, Christel

In: Desel, J.: Structures in Concurrency Theory, Proceedings of the International Workshop on Structures in Concurrency Theory (STRICT), Berlin, 11-13 May 1995, pages 236-248. 1995.

Abstract: Complete partial orders have been used for a long time for defining semantics of programming languages. In the context of concurrency de Bakker and Zucker proposed a metric setting for handling concurrency, recursion and nontermination, which has proved to be very successful in many applications. Starting with a semantic domain D for `finite behaviour' we investigate the relation between the ideal completion Idl(D) and the metric completion which are both suitable to model recursion and infinite behaviour. We also consider the properties of semantic operators.

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