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Analytic Models of Supercomputer Performance in Multiprogramming Environments.

Menasce, D.A.; Almeida, V.A.F.

In: International Journal of Supercomputer Application (USA), Vol. 3, No. 2, pages 71-91. 1989.

Abstract: Analytic models based on Queueing Networks and Stochastic Petri Nets are used in this paper with two purposes: to evaluate the performance of supercomputers in multiprogrammed environments, and to compare, performance-wise, conventional supercomputer architectures with a novel architecture proposed here. It is shown, with the aid of the analytic models, that the proposed architecture is preferable performance-wise over the existing conventional supercomputer architectures. A three-level workload characterization model for supercomputers is presented.

Keywords: supercomputer performance; supercomputer architecture; multiprogramming environment; queueing network; stochastic net.

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