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Petri net approach to disassembly process planning for products with complex AND/OR precedence relationships.

Moorea, Kendra E.; Güngörb, Akner; Gupta, Surendra M.

In: European Journal of Operational Research 135(2), pages 428-449. December 2001.

Abstract: We present a Petri net (PN)-based approach to automatically generate disassembly process plans (DPPs) for product recycling or remanufacturing. We define an algorithm to generate a geometrically-based disassembly precedence matrix (DPM) from a CAD drawing of the product. We then define an algorithm to automatically generate a disassembly Petri net (DPN) from the DPM; the DPN is live, bounded, and reversible. The resulting DPN can be analyzed using the reachability tree method to generate feasible DPPs, and cost functions can be used to determine the optimal DPP. Since reachability tree generation is NP-complete, we develop a heuristic to dynamically explore the v likeliest lowest cost branches of the tree, to identify optimal or near-optimal DPPs. The cost function incorporates tool changes, changes in direction of movement, and individual part characteristics (e.g., hazardous). An example is used to illustrate the procedure. This approach can be used for products containing AND, OR, and complex AND/OR disassembly precedence relationships.

Keywords: Modelling; Disassembly; Petri nets; Complex AND/OR precedence.

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