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Simulation der Arbeit einer flexiblen roboterbestückten FertigungsstraÑe zur Formung eines Kupplungsgehäuses. Darstellung der Roboterbewegung in Netzmodellen flexibler Fertigungssysteme.

Mstowski, J.; Skoczylas, G.; Kus, J.; Banaszak, Z.

In: Prace nauk Inst Cybernetyki Techn Politechn Wrocl K 3 Krajowa konf robotyki, T 1, Wroclaw, Poland, 19-21 Sep, 1990, Vol. 82, No. 37, pages 143-148.. 1990.

Abstract: An automated clutch mounting shape process line structure and its description was presented. It was modelled with Petri net. Computer simulation of the line was performed as well as its behaviour was analized. In this paper a method aimed at description of robots operation employed in the FMS is presented. The method considered allows to design the Petri net models of concurrently flowing processes, and can be applied in the course of the FMS design and exploitation

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