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An Improvement of Petri Net Controlled Multiprocessor.

Murakoshi, H.; Dohi, Y.

In: Transactions of the Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers, D--I, Vol. J73D--I, No. 9, pages 746-755. September 1990. In Japanese.

Abstract: This paper proposes an improvement for the Petri net controlled multiprocessor proposed in Trans. Inst. Electron. Inf. Commun. Eng. D, Vol. 570D, No. 7, pp. 1285--1293 (1987). The most important operations in Petri net control are check of fireable transition, sub-net return or kill and process of global place. The authors designed these functions and a Petri net controller. This controller can perform 250 times faster than the previous system. It is shown by simulation that the system can perform highly parallel processing with small granularity at high speed.

Keywords: net-controlled multiprocessor; subnet; net controller; simulation; (small) granularity.

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