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Modelling Reconfigurability by Petri Nets.

Pietkiewicz-Koutny, Marta

Technical Report. University of Newcastle upon Tyne (UK), Computing Laboratory, June 1991.

Abstract: A graph grammar model of reconfigurable Petri nets is introduced. A reconfigurable net is one whose set of transitions and places remains the same throughout the evolution of the net, however the flow relation may change (be reconfigured) by firing of the transitions. The model is based on two graph grammar models of ordinary place/transition nets. The graph grammar model can be simulated by labelled Petri nets without lambda-transitions. The model introduced in the paper is considered the first step to introduce a model for fully dynamic systems.

Keywords: modelling reconfigarability (by nets); graph grammar model (of) reconfigurable net(s); net evolution; Flow relation change; place/transition net; labelled net (without) lambda transition; dynamic system.

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