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Intelligent Operational Management and the Concept of Integration.

Power, Yvonne; Bahri, Parisa A.

In: Volume 2718 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pages 1-10. January 2003.

Abstract: Current data acquisition systems provide the user with hundreds and even thousands of variables which need to be monitored and processed. These variables need to be organized within an expert control architecture encom- passing tasks such as regulatory control, data reconciliation, process monitor- ing, fault detection and diagnosis, supervisory control, planning and scheduling. Task integration involves the integration of techniques in a continuously changing environment. This paper presents a new integration framework known as the Knowledge Management Method using hierarchical timed place Petri nets. Applicability of the proposed framework is demonstrated through the integration of the data reconciliation and supervisory control modules.

Keywords: Autonomous agents; expert systems; intelligent systems; knowledge management; system integration; Petri nets.

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