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Early Experience with the Visual Programmer's WorkBench.

Rubin, Robert V.; Walker II, James; Golin, Eric J.

In: IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, Vol. 16, No. 10, pages 1-1107 pp.. October 1990.

Abstract: The Visual Programmer's WorkBench (VPW) addresses the rapid synthesis of programming environments for the specification, analysis, and execution of visual programs. Early experience with VPW was gained by generating a visual programming environment for a telephony application based on PetriFSA language, a combination of Petri nets and finite state automata (FSA), and is applicable to the design and specification of concurrent distributed systems. This paper describes the design of VPW and the authors' experience using it to generate a distributed programming environment for a concurrent visual language.

Keywords: visual programmer's workbench; visual program; telephony application, (based on) PetriFSA language; finite state automata; concurrent distributed system; distributed programming environment (for) concurrent vivsual language.

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