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A New Methodology for Analyzing Distributed Systems Modeled by Petri Nets.

Sarkar, D.; Das, S.K.; Agrawal, V.K.; Patnaik, L.M.

In: 4: International Journal of Computer Mathematics, Vol. 31, No. 3, pages 153-165. 1989.

Abstract: Distributed computing systems can be modeled adequately by Petri nets. The computation of invariants of Petri nets becomes necessary for proving the properties of modeled systems. This paper presents a two-phase, bottom-up approach for invariant computation and analysis of Petri nets. In the first phase, a newly defined subnet, called the RP-subnet, with an invariant is chosen. In the second phase, the selected RP-subnet is analyzed. Our methodology is illustrated with the dining philosophers' problem and the connection-disconnection phase of a transport protocol.

Keywords: distributed computing system; net-invariant computation; RP-subnet; dining philosophers' problem; transport protocol.

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