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A high-level net approach for discovering potential inconsistencies in fuzzy knowledge bases.

Scarpelli, H.; Gomide, F.

In: Fuzzy Sets and Systems, Vol. 64, No. 2, pages 175-193. 1994.

Abstract: The problem of verifying the integrity of fuzzy knowledge bases is discussed. An approach to find potential inconsistencies in fuzzy rule based systems is described. The approach models the knowledge base as a High Level Fuzzy Petri Net and uses the structural properties of the net for verification. Basic notions on approximate reasoning, regular and hierarchical High Level Fuzzy Petri Nets are also given. The method used for consistency checking is reviewed through the analysis of several cases including simple and chaining rules. Procedures for discovering potential inconsistencies at both local and global levels are described.

Keywords: approximate reasoning, artificial intelligence, fuzzy Petri nets, high-level Petri nets.

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