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Analysis and Synthesis of Discrete-Event Distributed Systems Using Petri Nets.

Seiche, W.; Abel, D.; Rake, H.

In: Jaaksoo, U.; et al.: Proceedings of the 11th Triennial World Congress of the International Federation of Automatic Control, 1990, Tallin, USSR; Vol. 3, pages 511-516. Oxford, UK: Pergamon, 1991.

Also in: ESS'90, Intelligent Process Control and Scheduling Discrete Event Systems. Proceedings of the European Simulations Systems Conference, 1990, Ghent, Belgium, pages 182-186. Society for Computer Simulation International, 1990. Changed title: A Petri-Net-Based Methodology for the Design of Deadlock-Free Control Structures.

Abstract: The paper shows how Petri nets can be applied to the analysis of discrete-event distributed systems and to the synthesis of an appropriate control system. Such a control system will be able to correct the deficient dynamic properties of the systems. The graph theoretical methods presented for net analysis can prove the three dynamic properties: deadlock freeness, lifeness, and repeatability. Subsequently it is investigated how the net has to be modified, if the analysis has shown an undesired dynamic behaviour.

Keywords: analysis (and) synthesis (of) discrete event distributed system; control system; dynamic system behaviour; deadlock freeness; lifeness; repeatability.

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