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Parallel Processing of Communication Protocols.

Spaniol, Otto; Engel, Christian

In: Dimov, I.T.; Sendov, B.; Vassilevski, P.S.: Proceedings of the Third International Conference ``Advances in Numerical Methods and Applications'', pages 281-292. 1994.

Abstract: Current and future communication applications like multimedia, distant conferencing, and open distributed conferencing require data transfer rates of 100 MBit/s and more. New physical and media access like ATM, FDDI2, DQDB are about to support the demanded performance. Now the higher protocol levels have to offer appropriate efficiency to bring this performance to the user. Traditional protocols, their architecture, the implementation are overcome. Parallel protocols and efficient concurrent implementation is required. To transfer concurrency from specification to implementation a proper and expressive formal system is required. The need for an environment taking all stages of protocol development into account is obvious. This paper will present a strategy based on higher Petri nets. An XTP implementation by Petri nets and some perfomance evaluations are presented. An outline of the performance evaluation is given.

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