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Manufacturing System Control with Petri Nets in Cellular Manufacturing Systems.

Teng, Sheng-Hsien; Black, J.T.

In: Computers & Industrial Engineering, Vol. 19, No. 1--4; Proceedings of the 12th Annual Conference on Computers and Industrial Engineering, 1990, Orlando, FL, USA, pages 150-154. 1990.

Abstract: This paper discusses the use of Petri nets in system control. A Petri net model is developed for a Cellular Manufacturing System. The system control heuristics can be generated based on this Petri net model. Some of the controls of the cell operation is demonstrated through the application of Petri nets. These controls include the control of work-in-process inventory within cells and stock-on-hand in the cells, the control of part-changes, and the control of disturbance handling.

Keywords: manufacturing system control (with nets in) cellular manufacturing systems; disturbance handling; stock on hand; work in process inventory.

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