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Clarifying the priority specification of GSPN: detached priorities.

Teruel, E.; Franceschinis, G.; De Pierro, M.

In: Proc. 8th Int. Workshop on Petri Net and Performance Models (PNPM'99), 8-10 October 1999, Zaragoza, Spain, pages 114-123. 1999.

Abstract: The global multilevel priority definition in GSPN, while being most convenient in many respects, poses some modeling problems related to confusion and indirect conflicts, which may lead to undesired effects in the definition of the underlying stochastic process. While some of these problems have been recognized and dealt with in previous works on the definition of GSPNs, through the introduction of extended conflict sets, some others, illustrated in this paper, were not covered. To overcome all these problems, a syntactical subclass of GSPNs, called detached priorities GSPNs (dpGSPNs) is proposed in this paper. In dpGSPNs no confusion or indirect conflict are possible, and modeling power is not substantially reduced. To facilitate the modeling, a possible method is outlined to derive a suitable global priority definition from local information.

Keywords: detached priorities, modeling methodologies, stochastic Petri nets.

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