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Analysing Properties of the Resource Reservation Protocol.

Villapol, María E.; Billington, Jonathan

In: Proceedings of the 24th International Conference on Applications and Theory of Petri Nets (ICATPN 2003), Eindhoven, The Netherlands, June 23-27, 2003, pages 377-396. Volume 2679 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science / Wil M. P. van der Aalst and Eike Best (Eds.) --- Springer-Verlag, June 2003.

Abstract: The goal of the Resource Reservation Protocol (RSVP) is to establish Quality of Service information within routers and host computers of the Internet. This paper describes a model of RSVP and presents the analysis approach and results. A large part of RSVP is modelled using Coloured Petri Nets. The model provides a clear, unambiguous and precise definition of the considered features of RSVP, which is missing in the current protocol specification. The model is analysed for a set of general properties, such as correct termination, and a set of RSVP specific properties defined in this paper. The properties are checked by querying the state graph and its associated strongly connected component graph. As a first step, we analyse RSVP under the assumption of a perfect medium to ensure that protocol errors are not hidden by rare events of the medium. The results show that the RSVP model satisfies the defined properties.

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