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Performance Models for a Hybrid Reactor System.

Wolter, Katinka; Zisowsky, Andrea; Hommel, Günter

In: Lecture Notes in Control and Information Science (LNCIS) Vol. 279, pages 1-193pp. Springer Verlag, July 2002.

Abstract: In this paper we will present an improved numerical algorithm for the analysis of fluid stochastic Petri Nets with two fluid places. This algorithm uses an alternating direction implicit (ADI) discretization, whereas the previously used algorithm was a Theta-discretization scheme. Especially derived discrete reflecting boundary conditions ensure that both schemes are conservative in the probability mass. In the second part of this paper we will study a model of a hybrid reactor system. This system has been studied before with very simple models that are extended here. We will use this model not only to present performance and availability measures of the model, but also to compare the two solution algorithms using part of the full model. The new algorithm is almost equal to the Theta-scheme in memory usage, but roughly twice as fast.

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