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A Graph Tool for Parallel Programming in Occam.

Xu, Z.; de Vel, O.; Brown, G.; Graham, I.

In: Board, J.A.: Transputer Research and Applications 2: NATUG-2. Proceedings of the North American Transputer Users Group Conference, 1989, Durham, NC, USA, pages 253-263. Amsterdam, The Netherlands: IOS, 1990.

Abstract: This paper reports research in a graph tool based on Petri nets that aids Occam programming for parallel computer applications. Using this model, termination and determinacy can be mathematically defined, and algorithms for checking these properties developed. Five rules are derived from this model such that if they are strictly followed, the resultant Occam program will always be terminating and determinate. This graph model also defines the operational semantics for a subset of Occam.

Keywords: graph tool (for) parallel programming (in) Occam; termination; determinacy; Occam.

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