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Protocol synthesis form time Petri nets based service specifications.

Yamaguchi, H.; Okano, K.; Higashino, T.; Taniguchi, K.

In: Proc. 1997 Int. Conf. on Parallel and Distributed Systems, 10-13 December 1997, Seoul, Korea, pages 236-243. 1997.

Abstract: Some methods for deriving protocol specifications from given service specifications with time constraints have been proposed. However, existing methods cannot treat the class of service specifications with both parallel synchronizations and data values. They also assume that all clocks in the distributed system are synchronized, This paper proposes and algorithm to derive a correct protocol specification automatically from a given service specification described in an extended model of time Petri nets where the above restrictions are eliminated. The proposed method eliminates the need to consider the details of communication delays and their influence on the design of real-time distributed systems.

Keywords: protocol synthesis, service specifications, time Petri nets.

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