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A Case Study In Modeling And Performance Evaluation Of Manufacturing Systems Using Colored Petri Nets.

Zimmermann, Armin; Dalkowski, Knut; Hommel, Günter

In: Proc. 8th European Simulation Symposium (ESS'96), Genoa, pages 282-286. 1996.

Abstract: Modeling and performance evaluation techniques play a major role in the design process of manufacturing systems. We recently proposed a modeling method based on colored Petri nets with stochastic timing, which is especially tailored to manufacturing systems. One of its main ideas is the separate modeling of the manufacturing system's structure and the production routes with dedicated colored Petri nets. After an automatic compilation into a complete model, performance and dependability measures can be obtained by simulation or numerical analysis. We demonstrate the advantages of this technique using a rather complex real-life manufacturing system. Additionally, it is shown how a typical failure-and-repair behavior of an automated machine can be modeled with stochastic Petri nets.

Keywords: Model design, Performance analysis, Discrete Simulation, Manufacturing.

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