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Tool homepage: http://www.pallas-athena.com

Tool availability: Commercial (discounts for academic institutions)

Tool Features

Petri Nets Supported (see also help on terminology) Components (see also help on terminology)


Tool Description

FLOWer is a sophisticated Case handling / workflow management system. It is data driven and very flexible in handling exceptions. FLOWer offers direct support for most workflow patterns and indirect support for the other patterns. Distribution and work allocation is strictly seperated from the process flow, thus enabling real-time changes in distribution an dtask assignment, without the need to change the petrinet process flow.

FLOWer includes a form editor, database mapping, pre- and post conditions, transition based triggers and skip- en redo functions, including redo compensation.

Contact Information

John Hoogland
Pallas Athena 
Piet Joubertstraat 4
7300 AS Apeldoorn
PO box 747
730 AS Apeldoorn

Phone:  +31-55-3685300
Fax:    +31-55-3685311
E-mail: john.hoogland@pallas-athena.com

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