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Tool homepage: http://www.fi.ru/os/petri.php3

Tool availability: Commercial (discounts for academic institutions)

Tool Features

Petri Nets Supported (see also help on terminology) Components (see also help on terminology)


Tool Description

F-nets is new Petri Nets based research method that intended to simulate computer systems and computer complexes operation. F-nets also can simulate other parallel processing discrete systems.

Petri Nets simulation software "Petri Nets for Windows" based on F-nets. It also can operate with standart (classic) Petri Nets, timed Petri Nets or E-nets.

"Petri Nets for Windows" software ensures:

"Petri Nets for Windows" software can contains the next components:
  1. F-nets simulation programm with help system (how to use this software);
  2. Petri Nets and F-nets theory help system with nets examples and some teaching tools;
  3. Simple model libraries with libraries help systems and descriptions.

Contact Information

Molchanov Alexey
Fort-Inform Ltd.
27 (building 12B), Engelsa st., St.Petersburg, Russia
Molchanov Alexey
St.-Petersburg State Academy of Aerospace
Instrument Making
B.Morskaya, 67, 190000 St.Petersburg, Russia

Phone:  +7 (812) 326-3831
Fax:    +7 (812) 326-3831 or +7 (812) 554-0387 
E-mail: mill@fi.ru

Other Remarks

The price of this software is depended of using software components configuration. F-nets simulation programm and software libraries is the only one component that required to use this software without fail. This is the minimal configuration. All other software components are optional. Full software configuration includes all components.
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