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Tool Description

Income Process Designer is the core of the Income Suite. It is used to create, document, analyze, optimize and simulate business processes or monitor risks, targets or KPIs of a balanced scorecard in different operative systems. A complete and extensive business process model includes processes, resources, organizational structures, objectives, key figures, risks, process maps as well as product and performance catalogues. All aspects of your business processes are displayed in detail in clear, graphical models. Documents from different sources can be directly assigned to individual information modules.

Contact Information

Gaston Russi
Get Process AG
Rottmannsbodenstrasse 30
CH - 4102 Binningen / Basel

Phone:  +41 61 425 95 22
Fax:    +41 61 425 95 20

Other Remarks

additional components of the Income Suite:

Income Knowledge Browser

Income Simulator

Income Monitor

Income Document Center

Income Process Pilot

Languages: English, German, Spanish, Portugese, French, Italian, Lettish

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