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Tool availability: Commercial (discounts for academic institutions)

Tool Features

Petri Nets Supported (see also help on terminology) Components (see also help on terminology)


Tool Description

PACE nets are hierarchically structured stochastic high-level Petri nets with time and Fuzzy modeling. A short overview of PACE and many instructive examples can be found on the IBE homepage:

PACE 5.0+, including Fuzzy and advanced optimization technics, is available in English and German language.

Contact Information

Dr.-Ing. Bernd Eichenauer
IBE Simulation Engineering GmbH
Postfach 1142
D-85623 Glonn

Phone:  +49 (0)8093 5000
Fax:    +49 (0)8093 5000

Other Remarks

PACE nets are attributed with Smalltalk-80. All net elements can be iconified with user graphics. Easy to use C-interface using DLLs. DDE interface with special extensions for EXCEL and ACCESS. Special non-expert interface for the daily use in applications. To avoid handling errors in applications PACE models can be frozen. Many different graphical elements which can be used for data input and visualization purposes. Extended Fuzzy modeling; amongst other special controllers are supported (Mamdani, Sugeno). Optimization of mathematical and PACE net functions using several optimization methods and combinations of these methods.
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