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Tool Description

This tool has been created last year by Georgios Markatatos as part of the 3rd year Computer Science degree in Southampton. The purpose of the tool is to show the simple concepts of black/white Petri nets to people interested in learning how Petri Nets work. The main purpose of this small application is not to compete with high level tools, but to help beginners understand how the Petri net tool concepts work, and provide those users with the appropriate knowledge, in order to use better, high-level tools.

This tool has been used for educational reasons, in the University of Southampton Electronics & Computer Science department by an MSc. communications course, in the academic year of 1997-1998.

Contact Information

Georgios Markatatos
Elyros S.A.
Zisimopoulou 5, 17564

Phone:  +30 210 - 9400562
Fax:    +30 210 - 9483226

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