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Tool Description

PNtalk language and system are based on object oriented Petri nets (OOPNs). OOPNs consist of classes which represent independent behaviour and methods of their objects. This all is described by Petri nets and at the same time all advantages of object orientation are preserved. Tokens in OOPNs represent trivial objects and objects described by Petri nets. OOPN dynamics uses modified concepts of invocation and remote procedure call. OOPN transitions can work with firing times derived possibly from probabilistic distributions.

The style of PNtalk object orientation and its net inscriptions are inspired by Smalltalk, PNtalk itself is implemented in Smalltalk, and it is possible to freely mix Smalltalk and PNtalk objects. Smalltalk also influenced the GUI of PNtalk. The user can work separately with particular nets of particular classes both when creating and debugging a model.

Contact Information

Tomas Vojnar
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Technical University of Brno
Bozetechova 2
612 66 Brno
Czech Republic

Phone:  +42 0 5-7275231
Fax:    +42 0 5-41211141 

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