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Petri Nets Supported (see also help on terminology) Components (see also help on terminology)


Tool Description

SimulaWorks package is a general purpose simulator, that supports an open set of simulation languages and AI techniques. SimulaWorks can be used to construct various system types like control loops, signal processing, logic and hardware circuits, manufacturing systems, production lines, traffic systems, complicated algebraic calculation, optimization and search problems, state diagrams and even graphs, presentation using graphics, run-able flow charts, and more... Also sometimes hybrid system of those systems can be simulated, like control and signal processing...

Many libraries are implemented for this simulator for example:

Control Library. Mathematics Library. GPSS Library. Petri Nets Library. Active Flow Chart Library. Smart Draw Library. Hardware/Logic Library. SimulaWorks is provided with Power Matrix script language, which is matrix based language that support most programming features beside the easiness and safety in use. Also it comes with large library of routines that support most matrices operations.

Contact Information

Ain Shams University / Faculty of Engineering

Phone:  +20 127343762
Fax:    +20 026702267

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