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SNAKES is the Net Algebra Kit for Editors and Simulators. It is a Python library that provides all then necessary to define and execute many sorts of Petri nets, in particular those of the Petri Box Calculus and M-nets family. Its main aim is to be a general Petri net library, being able to define and execute most Petri nets models, and providing the researcher with a tool to quickly prototype its new ideas. SNAKES should be also suitable to provide the data model for editors or simulators.

A key feature of SNAKES is the ability to use arbitrary Python objects as tokens and arbitrary Python expressions in many points, hence its wide generality. Another important feature of SNAKES is a plugin system that allows to extend the library and work with specialised classes of Petri nets.

Contact Information

Franck Pommereau
LACL, University of Paris 12
61 avenue du gČnČral de Gaulle
94010 CrČteil

Phone:  33+145176600
Fax:    33+145176601

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