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Tool Description

Snoopy is a tool to design and execute (animate, simulate) hierarchical graph-based system descriptions. The tool comes along with several pre-fabricated graph classes, especially some kind of Petri nets and other related graphs, and facilitates a comfortable integration of further graph classes due to its generic design.

To support an aspect-oriented model engineering, different graph classes may be used simultaneously, and graphs of different classes can be converted into each other.

Snoopy provides some features (hierarchical nodes, logical nodes), which are particularly useful for larger models, or models with an higher connectivity degree.

There are several Petri net classes available, among them the purely qualitative place/transition nets according to the standard definition and a version enhanced by four special arcs as well as three quantitative extensions - time Petri nets, stochastic Petri nets, and continuous Petri nets. Each of these classes enjoys dedicated animation or simulation features.

Contact Information

Monika Heiner
Brandenburg University of Technology at Cottbus
Computer Science Institute

Postbox 10 13 44, 03013 Cottbus, Germany

Phone:  +49-355-69 3884  
Fax:    +49-355-69 3587

Other Remarks

Snoopy provides export to several analysis tools, among them: Charlie, DSSZ-CTL and DSSZ-LTL, INA, LoLA, Maria, McKit, PEP, PROD, TINA, SBML/Level 2/Version 3.

Snoopy provides import from the following tools/languages: APNN, PED, TINA, SBML/Level 2/Version 3.

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