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Tool homepage: http://www.citi.qut.edu.au/members/research_areas/bpm/projects/yawl/

Tool availability: Free of charge

Tool Features

Petri Nets Supported (see also help on terminology) Components (see also help on terminology)


Tool Description

YAWL (Yet Another Workflow Language) is a workflow language / workflow management system based on Petri nets and a rigorous analysis of existing workflow management systems and workflow languages. Unlike traditional systems and (high-level) Petri nets it provides direct support for most of the workflow patterns. YAWL supports the control-flow perspective and the data perspective and is based on a web-based infrastructure.

YAWL is a joint effort of Queensland University of Technology and Eindhoven University of Technology.

Contact Information

Prof.dr.ir. W.M.P. van der Aalst
Eindhoven University of Technology
Faculty of Technology and Management (PAV D2)
Department of Information Systems
PO Box 513
NL-5600 MB Eindhoven
The Netherlands 

Phone:  +31 40 247.4295/2290 
Fax:    +31 40 243.2612 
E-mail: w.m.p.v.d.aalst@tm.tue.nl

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